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Movie reviews

Ermo (1994)

A TV’s just an egg. A house, now that’s a chicken. Ermo. Sounds like the latest craze at Toys’R Us. One of those weird-looking, vaguely

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Cry-Baby (1990)

“I wonder what the nice people are doing tonight.” –Dana Andrews, in While the City Sleeps   Director John Waters isn’t noted for making movies

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Chungking Express (1932)

“Somehow everything comes with an expiry date.  Swordfish expire.  Meat sauce expires.  Even cling film expires.  Is there anything in the world which doesn’t?” –Badge

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Liberty Heights (1999)

Sylvia’s father: “Shouldn’t you be getting out [of the car]?” Ben: “It’s Sinatra [on the radio].  You don’t walk out on Frank, Sir.  It would

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