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Movie reviews

Window to Paris (1993)

If your face is lopsided,                     don’t blame the mirror. –Russian proverb   You can like a video store that gets you the latest Academy

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Brazil (1985)

Sam Lowry:  Excuse me, Dawson, can you put me through to Mr. Helpmann’s office? Dawson:  I’m afraid I can’t sir.  You have to go through

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Ponette (1996)

The kingdom of childhood.  I’ve no idea where that expression first appeared, but it sprang to mind anew as I watched Jacques Doillon’s Ponette (1996).

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All That Zazz (1979)

“vibrant but sometimes grotesque autobiographical story” “a vapid, vertiginous farrago” “everything from satyriasis to eschatology in a series of verbal grands jetés” “bite and bravado

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